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Fargo Assault Defense Attorney

An Assault is a Serious Crime

It can carry serious consequences.  You need a serious attorney!

In North Dakota, there are varying levels of the offense of the crime of assault, depending on the severity of the injuries and whom you are accused of assaulting. These range from a mere simple assault, which is a class B misdemeanor to an aggravated assault, a class C felony. An assault on a peace officer is also a class C felony. Besides jail time, fines, and the possibility of probation, assaults categorized as domestic violence assaults carry the additional collateral consequence of not being able to own or possess a firearm, if convicted.

There are many defenses to the charge of assaults, including, but not limited to: factually innocent, consent, self-defense, defense of others, justification, and overzealous prosecutors overcharging the conduct.

During Mr. Edinger's 24 year career, he has defended hundreds of assault cases. He has been successful in obtaining reductions in charges and dismissals in dozens of cases. The facts in each case determine the availability of defenses. 

Examples of Mr. Edinger's zealous representation

In State v. E.M., in Stutsman County, the defendant was charged with aggravated assault, a class C felony. He was accused of stabbing the alleged victim in the neck with a knife, almost killing him. Because there was a weapon involved, there was a mandatory minimum two years of prison the defendant would have to serve, if he was convicted. During the two day jury trial, Mr. Edinger successfully argued that the defendant had acted in self-defense when he was attacked by the gang of three people. The jury found the defendant not guilty and he was acquitted!

In State of North Dakota v. K.P., Defendant was wrongly charged with simple assault. The state alleged the petite defendant had assaulted her boyfriend. At the jury trial, Mr. Edinger successfully argued the defendant was merely protecting herself from her abusive, physically threatening boyfriend. The jury agreed and found the defendant not guilty. 

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