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Fargo Indecent Exposure Attorney

In North Dakota, generally, indecent exposure is when someone exposes one's private parts in public or through electronic means.  

An important element of the offense is that it requires that the person intended to arouse his sexual desires.  Therefore, mooning or urinating in public does not satisfy the definition.

Indecent exposure is a class A misdemeanor.  However, if one has a prior conviction, it becomes a class C felony.  

If one is convicted, one has to register as sexual offender for at least 15 years.

Indecent exposure is a serious matter.  You need an aggressive, experienced fighter.

Every case is unique.  Here is just one example of Attorney Edinger fighting for his clients.

State v. G.D. (Cass County, North Dakota)

The defendant was charged with felonious indecent exposure.  Defendant was accused of masturbating in the Target parking lot in Fargo, ND.  At the jury trial, Mr. Edinger relentlessly cross-examined the two witnesses.  Both witnesses admitted they never saw the defendant's penis or any bare skin. They both admitted they were speculating that Defendant was masturbating when he was staring at them. Mr. Edinger successfully argued the defendant could not be convicted since the two witnesses did not see the defendant's penis. The jury agreed and found the defendant not guilty.


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