Murphy’s Law and Arrest Warrants

I have been practicing criminal defense for almost 22 years.  Based on my experience, I can definitely attest to the fact that Murphy’s law definitely applies to arrest warrants.  People with active arrest warrants do not get arrested when it is convenient for them.  Typically, they get arrested at the worst and most inconvenient time for them.  Hence, that is why in my practice, I advise clients to take care of and clean up arrest warrants as soon as possible. 

​Additionally, if you know criminal charges are imminent, it is advisable that you retain an attorney to attempt to avoid the issuance of an arrest warrant. Here, in Cass County, the State’s Attorney generally requests an arrest warrant when he files a new Information or charge.  The one notable exception is if the defendant has retained an attorney and the attorney contacts the State’s Attorney prior to the charges being filed.  If that happens, generally, a summons will be issued instead of an arrest warrant.

​The summons will give the defendant notice of his first appearance.  This is generally one to three weeks after the service of the summons.  This gives the defendant time to secure bail and it alleviates the stress and uncertainty of an arrest warrant.

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