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In North Dakota, there are literally hundreds of different crimes that one can be charged with it.  

However, rest assured, that regardless of the charge, Attorney Edinger has the experience, tenacity, moxie, and professional acumen to help you!  

Herein, is an example of Attorney Edinger's versatility in a very unique case.

State v. B.F. (Ransom County)

In Ransom County, D was charged with Construction Fraud, a Class B Felony. At the preliminary hearing, Judge Blumer found there was not probable cause to believe Defendant guilty of the charged offense. The charge was dismissed!

Construction Fraud Laws

State v. P.B. (Barnes County, North Dakota)

The defendant, the owner of an exotic dance club, was charged with violating the city ordinance, which prohibited topless dancing. At the jury trial, Mr. Edinger successfully argued the exotic dancer was not topless, instead she was wearing pasties. The jury did not find the deputy's testimony credible. During intense cross-examination from Mr. Edinger, the deputy admitted he was only two feet away from the exotic dancer, but claimed he could not remember if she was topless or not. The jury found the defendant not guilty of the charge.

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