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Based on Attorney Edinger's 24 years of experience, sex crimes are often the most difficult cases to defend. Even a murder case can be much easier to defend against.


Because there is so much raw emotion and passion in these cases. It is difficult for juries, prosecutors, and even judges on occasion to be fair and impartial towards the defendant when the charges involve a sexual offense or allegation.

This is why you need a fighter. You need at least one person in your corner.

There are dozens of sex offenses in the North Dakota Century Code that range in severity from Class A misdemeanors to Class AA felonies

  • Gross Sexual Imposition
  • Continuous Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Imposition
  • Corruption of Minors 
  • Luring Minors by Computer
  • Sexual Abuse of Wards 
  • Sexual Assault (Class C Felony and Class A Misdemeanor)
  • Incest
  • Indecent Exposure 
  • Surreptitious Intrusion
  • Sexual Performance by Children
  • Sex Trafficking

If convicted of any of the aforementioned, the defendant will have to register for a sexual offender for a minimum of 15 years, and possibly, for the rest of his life.

Mr. Edinger has zealously defended and fought dozens of sexual offense cases in his career.  Each case is unique.  But here are some examples of him fighting for his clients.

State v. H.A. (Cass County, North Dakota)

The defendant was charged with gross sexual imposition, a class AA felony.  Defendant was facing the possibility of life in prison and registration of a sexual offender, if convicted.  Attorney Edinger was relentless in zealously and vigorously defending the case. Due to Attorney Edinger's relentless work, the State amended the charge to disorderly conduct, a mere class B misdemeanor.  The amended charge said the defendant had gotten into a verbal argument with the woman and had harassed her.

State v. R.H. (Cass County, North Dakota)

Defendant was charged with gross sexual imposition.  Attorney Edinger was able to talk to the alleged victim and obtain an affidavit from her.  Based on her affidavit, the State dismissed the charge.

State v. B.M. (Cass County)

Defendant was charged with two alternative counts of gross sexual imposition. The first charge was a Class AA Felony, with a mandatory minimum of 20 years imprisonment, upon conviction. At the preliminary hearing, Judge Bailey held that the State did not establish probable cause that Defendant exerted force onto the alleged victim. Judge Bailey dismissed the Class AA Felony count.

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